Muskoka Mud Organic Sunscreen

You want a sunscreen that is natural and mineral-based... not filled with harmful chemicals. But you don't want it to show on your skin.

Muskoka Mud is made with natural and organic materials to protect you from the sun, blend into your skin and smell great.

Let Muskoka Mud protect you so that you can swim, surf and sweat in the sun!

What our Customers are saying

We have guests of all skin types at our cottage, who spend the whole day out on the water. They all tried and loved Muskoka Mud. They used the stick for their face, so they could control the application, and the tub for their arms, legs and necks.
It lasts all day, with many ins and outs of the lake, with full protection.

It feels luxurious on the skin, smells great, is local, and is organic - can't really ask for more!


I’m a runner and love my long outdoor summer runs. I have a Muskoka Mud face stick right beside my jogging shoes. Making sure to apply to my face before I head out. Sunscreen spreads on easily and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. The sunscreen really works even when sweating it out in the summer sun. No more burnt nose. Happy runner!


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